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Aperture Media Partners' guidelines for providing film and television financing vary depending on the project.  In all cases, the full amount of the loan must be adequately collateralized by certain or expected payment obligations.  Acceptable collateral can include, but is not limited to, distribution or licensing agreements with minimum guaranteed advances by credit worthy domestic and/or foreign distributors, and future revenue streams from domestic and/or foreign rights – i.e major studio film ultimates and sales agent estimates, etc.


A full loan package should include the following materials, as applicable:


  1. Resume of the producer and director

  2. Script/screenplay

  3. Chain of title documentation showing ownership of the project script

  4. Breakdown of the project budget

  5. Weekly cash disbursement schedule (to allow for calculation of expected interest)

  6. Talent agreements for key cast members, director, and writers;

  7. Copies of signed distribution contracts or license agreements for minimum guaranteed advances or a list of potential payors interested in the project

  8. Copies of any contracts with equity investors

  9. Name and telephone number of a contact officer at any financial institution to be issuing standby or commercial letters of credit

  10. Description of collateral, if any, to be pledged to secure the loan

  11. Letter of intent to issue bond from completion bond company.


In the interim, in order to consider your request, please provide us with the following information on the project:


  • Project Summary

  • Cast Information

  • Full Budget

  • Sales Agent Information

  • Presales Estimates


Please send the above information to through the Contact page. Upon receipt, we will review this information and contact you.

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